Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Gratitude/Happiness List –April 13, 2014

My latest linkup with Laurel Regan’s Gratitude List at Alphabet Salad: here are some things for which I'm grateful and that made me happy this week.

  Listing our “other” house, a three-family, for sale
  Attending an excellent performance of Macbeth at a local theater

  Having a variety of small independent shops in our neighborhood, at one of which I just bought a new dress for Easter!

  Seeing a great concert by Manhattan Transfer with friends

  Watching my husband bowl in a tournament for charity and, in the penny social raffle they had, winning gift certificates for three free pizzas at a place we haven’t tried

  Having our taxes finished and filed and getting a refund

  Weather warm and beautiful enough to go outside without a jacket and jog on the streets again

  Finally winning a trivia competition after teaming up with two other people who knew a lot of the music and pop culture stuff that we didn’t

  That my temporary stomach upset Sunday morning cleared up in time for me to participate in Palm Sunday Mass as a lector and take one of the roles in the reading of the Passion

  Having the opportunity to be a lector at church

  Going for my yearly checkup and learning I lost 5 pounds since last year!