Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My “New” Kitchen

The work has been finally been finished on our kitchen, and having this done is contributing to the sense of peace I wrote about yesterday.


We didn’t do a complete renovation. We didn’t change the cabinets because, although they were here when we bought the house eighteen years ago, they’re unique and fit the structural style of the kitchen. What we did do was put in new countertops and floor, and it makes a huge difference.



I love my countertops!



This is a granite called Juparana Colombo, and I love the wavy pattern of gray and pink. We have a small galley kitchen, and somehow the flow of this seems to open it up and make it seem larger. And look at how the light reflects!


We also installed a new stainless steel sink and faucet that I love, with the spray right in the faucet.


Our new floor is a gray stone tile that goes perfectly with the gray walls we already had. Add to that the new dishwasher we had put in about a month ago, and it’s a new gust of fresh air. Actually makes me want to cook now.


The next step is to freshen up the paint on the cabinets, and then, if I can just talk my husband into getting a new stove….


  1. Looks lovely Elaine and nice to have this fresh start in your kitchen with keeping the integrity with the cupboards. I can picture it perfectly after having stood there just less than a month ago.

  2. l really love that rich red with the countertops! Yummy! My formica cabinets are falling apart. now I'm depressed.

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