Monday, June 2, 2014



Gratitude/Happiness List: June 2

I’m once again linking up with Laurel Regan’s Alphabet Salad to present my Gratitude and Happiness List for this week.


Although it’s not a “happy” thing to have surgery coming up, I’ll be grateful to (hopefully) finally get rid of the wrist pain I’ve had for more than a year.


After being worried about our dog Honey’s health last week (her sluggishness made us fear a possible flareup of her old Lyme disease) and making an emergency vet appointment Saturday, her energy suddenly returned, putting my mind greatly at ease.


Being able to give Honey a bath outside and cut off a lot of the hair that grew over the winter—she looks like half the dog she used to be!


A great and fun group of friends and acquaintances from church, especially one couple who host a great semi-annual “oldies” party at their home.


A number of al fresco restaurants in our area where we can take Honey and enjoy a meal in the open air.


With warm weather finally here, being able to open the French doors to the deck that we had installed last fall.


Having fun plans for the coming week:  a dinner with girlfriends, a lunch with friends from my old job, and an “appreciation” dinner at church for the volunteers.


Plans made and plane tickets bought for our trip to Georgia over Father’s Day weekend to visit my father-in-law and sister-in-law and her family.


The Red Sox, after a ten-game losing streak, now having won seven in a row, with great contributions from the Pawtucket players we’ve seen at their stadium here—and hope that they might finally recover some of the magic they had last year.


The ASPCA and all the other rescue groups who care for abandoned animals and help them find new homes. God bless them all.



  1. Your lists never fail to make me smile Elaine. This one, full of health, home and happenings is no exception. Life is good isn't it?

  2. I totally understand the stress and worry involved when one of our beloved pets isn't feeling well - so glad Honey is doing better.

  3. I wish our Cubs were merely struggling against a seven game losing streak. The third worst season in baseball history, the Cubs can't even win at losing!