Friday, September 21, 2012

Wear Purple and Walk


Many of you know that I lost my mother a month ago. For the past few years I watched her suffer as her brain gave way to the destruction caused by dementia.


September is World Alzheimer’s Month, dedicated to raising awareness of this terrible disease. Today, September 21, is Alzheimer’s Action Day. The Alzheimer’s Association is calling on everyone to show support for the fight against Alzheimer’s and other dementias.


Almost every minute another American gets Alzheimer's, and as the baby boom generation gets older those numbers will double. This is our fight, those of us who are still young enough to be able to take action in a way that those who are afflicted no longer can. We can work to change our futures and ensure that neither we nor generations after us will have to suffer from this debilitating, mind-destroying disease.


Today, Alzheimer’s Action Day, wear or carry something purple, the color of the Alzheimer’s movement, to honor all those with this disease and their caregivers. Walks to End Alzheimer’s are being held all around the country to raise awareness and funds. My husband and I and a friend will be participating in one on Sunday.


Is there one in your area that you could sign up for?

If you can, consider making a monthly donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. I do, and the amount is charged to my credit card. I don’t even need to think about it, yet I know I’m doing something to help.

What can you do?


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