Saturday, January 11, 2014

 Here is another reason why I love paper-printed books.
I got eight books for Christmas.


Each was wrapped separately. I was able to open them each one at a time, enjoy the covers, front and back, feel the book’s weight and the texture of the paper, take a few moments to browse through each one, read the tables of contents, and build up my anticipation for reading.

I can spread them out on the floor with the covers showing…


or stack them to see the spines…


and get visual and tactile pleasure out of the cover art, the styles of type—all the work of the designers.

While shopping for Christmas I was able to spend a few happy hours browsing in a couple of bookstores looking for books for my husband. It was a refuge and respite from the hectic atmosphere of the malls and department stores, and I was able to get exactly what he wanted along with a few surprises—which is exactly what he got for me.

And the best part: settling in my recliner with that first book surrounded by the pine scent of the Christmas tree along with the unmatchable smell of a new book.

Books--real paper-and-ink books--are my favorite gifts ever.




  1. I do share all of what you feel about REAL paper and ink books! I do. The benefit of the e-reader for me is the fact that I am never out of reading material. One click and boom! I have a new book to read. LOVE that. The books, once read, have no value for me. Now, I do have a handful that I must keep in my office for various reasons, but mostly because someone who loves me selected it for me and I loved both the gift and the effort. Keepers. Otherwise, I keep books by authors that I know personally, those are a treasure, too.
    I feel like we have room in our lives for both and I'm one who is very pleased to have both.

  2. I share that book passion as well Elaine. I do love the e-reader for the same reasons Jo mentioned, however I am a book keeper. I think after a life time of loving the FEEL of a book and the whole experience of holding it, flipping pages and curling up with it to have it balanced just so to accommodate page turning and holding my tea, I find my e-reader just doesn't give me that sense of fulfillment. I'm slowly learning the books I can enjoy on the reader vs the books I really need to have in print (even the ones from the library). Thanks for giving me thought on how I view the two!

  3. Beautiful post! While I do have and appreciate my Kindle for certain purposes, I admit that given the choice, I much prefer paper books... for all the reasons you listed. Books are indeed wonderful!

  4. I totally agree with you. There's just a feel and a smell to books that adds so very much to the reading experience.

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