Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Monster Manuscript


I’ve already fallen behind on my February blogging, but with good reason. Here it is:


This is the editing project I’ve just finished—30 chapters and around 1000 pages. Due next Tuesday. Because of tight publishing deadlines, I was given four weeks by my client to do this, whereas I normally have about six weeks on a project this size.

The first pass is DONE!! Now to go back through over the next few days and VERY quickly review the pages with Track Changes turned off to catch anything that jumps out at me.

So with no further ado I head back to my edited files. Hopefully once this is done I’ll catch up somewhat on my NaBloPoMo commitment. Was I crazy to sign up? Probably. But hey.

Sometimes pressure is good for us, right??



  1. I always enjoy a peek into your work world Elaine. What an amazing rush job and you met the challenge! This all adds to the theme of perspective this month and realizing how (for those of us who write in our "non-working" hours) time management is so important. I applaud your work ethic!