Thursday, July 10, 2014


One of the most civilized British customs to have made it to this side of the pond is the Afternoon Tea. It seems we Americans are finally catching on to this little luxury, and tearooms are beginning to spring up in unexpected places, even here in Rhode Island.

After a quick Google search, I found the following in our local area. Most of these serve tea, small sandwiches and/or crepes, and desserts. 





And in nearby Connecticut:

These places have formal afternoon tea services and often require reservations. There are also places where you can just have tea and some pastry at any time, such as Tealuxe.

 As a longtime tea lover and Anglophile, I love this trend and hope it grows. If you also love tea, British customs, and/or islands of elegance in hectic everyday life, check out your own area for tearooms, and lift a cup to a lovely throwback to another century!


  1. Yes, we have several in our area and they're all lovely places for a little afternoon respite. British afternoon tea is similar to German afternoon coffee and cake, which we indulged in frequently while living there. It's a genteel custom. ☺

  2. Sounds and looks wonderful! Thanks for posting.

  3. Looks like great places to go and sit a spell. I love the plate at the top. Beautiful.


  4. Debbie, D'Elle, and Joyce, thanks for your comments. Sorry to be so long in replying--I was offline for a while after my hand surgery. Tearooms are wonderful. I enjoy just looking at the pictures of them, and I'm so glad they're starting to be popular.