Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Be Happier, Step 4: Appreciating

On January 2 I posted a list from the blog of psychologist Jeremy Dean of ten habits that science has shown make people happier. For the next several days I’m posting individually on one of these actions/states of mind in hopes that we can all learn to make them habits.

Today’s topic is appreciating.

Here are a few of the little, ordinary, but beautiful things in life and the world that I appreciate:

  A cup of hot tea and a sunbeam shining through the steam from the cup

☼ Lighted windows at dusk

Kindness and generosity

Colors and patterns

Birds chirping in bare winter trees

Spontaneous conversations with strangers in public places
That a gray sky has its own kind of beauty

My dog sleeping on her blanket in my office

Strawberries and blueberries

Smells: vanilla and cinnamon, lilacs, onions cooking, pine trees, fresh wood, a library

A clean, fresh, dry towel after a shower

Snatches of music that just enter my head out of nowhere

Sunlight reflecting off the windows of tall buildings


How many more can you think of? What ordinary things do you especially appreciate?







  1. This list made me smile! And you've reminded me that it's about time for me to sit down and update my ever-growing Happy List... because there's always something new to be added. :)

  2. Small things that make me happy? Flowers Chocolate. A hot cup of soup (that I didn't make myself) on a cold night. A beautiful sunset. Good news from a friend. Alana (Ramblinwitham)

  3. Lovely list Elaine. I share many of them. Some of my favorites?
    Sun showers/walks in the rain/a fire on a cold winter night/a good storm/a child's laughter/running across a favorite quote.
    I'm sure my night will be filled with thoughts of many more - thanks for a lovely evening!