Tuesday, April 30, 2013



When I decided to do Art for A-Z this year, I thought it would be an easier challenge than last year’s, but it was more work than I anticipated. However, I did get to look at beautiful pictures every day, so I can’t complain!

And I did find a Z artist—Taddeo Zuccaro, a Renaissance painter. I thought it would be fun to show his version of The Conversion of St. Paul and compare it with Caravaggio’s, which I presented here. I’ve also included it below.

Zuccaro’s version, which is a preparatory study for an altarpiece, is a pen-and-ink drawing with brown wash, black chalk, and lead white on blue paper. Caravaggio’s, of course, is a full color painting. But the subjects are similar: both portray the moment when Saul of Tarsas is struck by a light from Heaven, hears the voice of Christ, and falls from his horse. Despite the similarities, there are great differences in composition (particularly the dominance of the horse in Caravaggio’s version) and emotional power. I love to see how different artists treat the same subject.

Zuccaro's Conversion of St. Paul
Caravaggio's Conversion of St Paul

Congratulations to all A-Zers at the end of this challenge! Now let’s all go grab some ZZZZ’s.



  1. Wow - powerful stuff. Congrats on finishing the Challenge!
    A month of Blog...

  2. Interesting comparison. I think that I like Zuccaro's better. I've enjoyed your Art A-Z challenge very much and I have learned a lot!~Denise Ferri

  3. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your A-Z, sorry I haven't always commented but I've been dipping in. Well done.

  4. Just the description: "is a pen-and-ink drawing with brown wash, black chalk, and lead white on blue paper." .... makes me wish I were an artist. This has been such a fabujous trek with you. Thanks for the education, the beauty and the insights Elaine! You are the best...

  5. Congratulations for reaching the end, I enjoyed your posts a lot!

  6. I applaud you for finding artists from A-Z. Congratulations for surviving the A-Z! Great job!